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  • Someone Special Dance

    for 7th & 8th Grade Girls & their Someone Special

    Thursday, March 23rd

    6-9 PM

    Town & Country, Congers, NY

    A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
  • Extracurricular Clubs 2022-2023

    A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
  • February Greetings from Principal O'Sullivan

    Dear Mindful Knight Families, 

              Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You must do the things you think  you cannot do."    Duke Ellington said, "A problem is a chance for you to do your best."     Everyday at A. MacArthur Barr, we try to instill in our students that courage and collaboration help us face and solve complex problems.   As we encounter new challenges, it is always important for our students to be able to identify their feelings.  Our RULER Mood Meter is the perfect tool!   Recently, our students and staff engaged in a mindful exercise where we used our Mood Meter to identify a zone for our feelings at the beginning of the week and then again at the end of the week.   Having the right resource or tool to help us when we find ourselves staying in one zone is also important, so our guidance counselors are always available to help with that process.   

              The safety of our students is always a priority. Next week, the entire school will participate in a "See Something, Say Something" classroom presentation.  This is designed to help students learn the importance of reporting anything they feel may be a danger to themselves or others. As  a community of Mindful Knights, reporting potential concerns is an important part of caring for each other.  During our recent school-wide social emotional activity, students explored various perspectives to help make decisions about how to resolve a conflict.  First, students brainstormed  potential responses when presented with a conflict scenario. Next, they paused to identify the importance of achieving their goal and reflected on their relationship with the other person.  Using these two perspectives, students selected the most appropriate response option for their particular situation.  These included collaborating, compromising, accommodating or avoiding.

              Our Better Together club has been focusing on how small actions can make big changes in how we treat each other. Taking the time to understand the cultures of our Barr community members  helps us find ways to connect with each other and develop respect and appreciation for differences.  This week, in celebration of Black History Month, our club met to explore how our lives have been made better because of the contributions of Black inventors.  For example, Garret Morgan invented the traffic signal, John Purdy invented the folding chair, George Crum invented the potato chip,  and Thomas Elkins invented the toilet.   Another valuable lesson learned in this activity was having the courage to never give up.  Some of these great inventions were the result of a "mistake" or a previously failed idea.   

             Wishing you all a safe, healthy and enjoyable mid-winter recess this month.   I can be reached  by email at  and by phone at (845) 627-4040.


    In partnership, 

    Michelle O’Sullivan 

    A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
  • News from the Nurse

    In the event your child shows signs and symptoms of illness, we ask that you keep them home and notify our attendance secretary, Daniella Ng, at 627-4420 to report the absence. 

    If your child or a family member tests positive for COVID, please contact our School Nurse Giovanna Conklin, R.N, directly at 627-4041. 

    As a reminder, students will be marked unexcused late to class unless the reason for their late arrival is directly due to a bus arriving late or another unavoidable scenario such as documented appointment, weather, or traffic issue outside of our drop-off line.  Students arriving late to school must report to the attendance office for a pass before heading to class. 

    The following procedures are in place at this time:

    • Unexcused lateness will result in consequences as follows:
      • First late: verbal reminder from attendance office
      • Second late: verbal reminder and phone call to parent from attendance office*
      • Third late:  letter sent home and after school detention
      • Cycle begins again but phone call from AP* or principal*
    • If a child is not present in school, they will be marked absent. Please call the attendance secretary, Daniella Ng, at 627-4420 to inform her of the absence. If your child is absent due to a vetted COVID-related situation, a daily call is not necessary. 
    • Students missing class can keep up with their coursework by visiting Schoology and contacting each teacher individual for course-specific information.
    A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
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    A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
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